Our current campaigns work with a social worker to help a family improve their lives by increasing their income permanently.

Watch the video, meet the family, choose to offer a hand to make this plan a reality. Later, watch the “success story” video to see how their lives have changed.


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Gloria Huamán, her daughter, and her 4 grandchildren live on a steep hillside in Lima, Peru.  Their fragile, wooden hillside home has 2 rooms for 6 people. If the house falls down they would be homeless.

Gloria and her daughter take turns working odd jobs in the neighborhood so there is always someone watching the children. Their combined income barely keeps food on the table.

They always make sure the children are supervised at home and go to school, so they have a possibility of a better life when they grow up.

A local health department social worker introduced us to Gloria and her family. Without a means to increase their income and stabilize their life, the future of the family is at risk.

The social worker suggested that Gloria could run a small grocery store out of their house, stocked with necessities to service the local community. This would increase the family’s income considerably while allowing at least one adult to be at home with the children at all times.

In these hills, there are small storefronts so the locals do not have to walk miles down the hill to do basic shopping. There is no such store in Gloria’s neighborhood and operating the store would provide a great opportunity for the family.

With this storefront business, we believe Gloria’s family will be able to increase their income by at least 3 times, providing them with all the support and stability they need while increasing their well-being.


We had a local expert from a construction and engineering company estimate the cost of building a small storefront onto the house. We discovered that since part of the house is falling down it would need to have additional work for the house to remain livable as well as support the storefront.

We have added merchandise-stocking costs to this initial budget:

Concrete Module    710.06

Storefront                520.12

Labor                       901.82


Furniture                 300.50

Equipment              460.00

Stock                     1182.50


Total Cost            4075.00

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Join us in helping Gloria and her family get a new beginning!

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The StarFish Video Project is a fiscally sponsored project of Marinlink, a California non profit corporation exempt from federal tax under section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Service #20-0879422.
All donations received are fully tax-deductible and a receipt to that effect will be issued.