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Meet Yodit Concepcion and her three daughters. Their campaign has been fully funded. Check back soon to see the updated “success story”, once Yodit’s business is up and running.

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Yodit Concepcion is a 28 year-old single mother of 3 girls, ages 1, 3 and 11. Due to domestic violence, she was forced to leave the house of her children’s father. Her brother, a 21 year-old construction worker has lent her a shack he built in the hills of Lima until she can make some money and get her own place. The shack is a single room with a tin roof, with no electricity and no running water.

Yodit has had difficulty finding a job as she has no one to help her take care of her 1 year-old baby. She does have experience running a food services business, and believes she could make a decent living in that field if she had the money to start her own business.

Yodit worked with a woman who had a successful broasted chicken business, which was run out of a food cart on wheels. Yodit feels she could operate a similar business and with the help of social worker Sofia Paravincini they have a plan to create a food cart business. Her brother, who is currently living with another family member has offered to let Yodit cook and store food at this other house, where there is electricity. The only thing keeping Yodit from beginning this business is a lack of capital to purchase the equipment, food and other items she’ll need to get started.



With the help of social worker Sofia Paravincini, we’ve developed a budget that will allow Yodit to get her busiiness started the right way, with the right equipment, and gives her enough capital to weather the first few months while she builds a clientele. Here is the budget we want to fund with your help.

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The StarFish Video Project is a fiscally sponsored project of Marinlink, a California non profit corporation exempt from federal tax under section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Service #20-0879422.
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